Hay South Fork Ranch!

Every year in mid June I head into the South Fork Ranch to help put up the hay. It’s a working vacation and I love every moment of it!

IMGP1227 There are always amazing folks that come through the ranch over the couple of weeks I’m there.

IMGP1247 Everyone helps in their special way. Either bucking bales, driving tractor, cooking, or taking the kids to the beach. There’s a place for each and every person.


There were several days this year where we had an all woman hay crew.

SFR Hay crew

It’s always fun to work with such strong, wonderful women!

SFR Hay crew 2

The little ones and the Nana’s even come out to help- bringing cookies, cold water & big smiles.


Even Orange finds a special place to ride on the hay wagon.


This year there was a good crop of hay. We put up a total of 3,200 bales!


It’s amazing to be a part of the haying process. One day there is a field of tall grass, then a few days later, a sea of bales.


We got lucky this year with only one rain storm. The rest of the days were hot & dry. Great weather for making hay!


We pick up bales in the morning and stack them in the barn. Then in the afternoon I rake the hay that my uncle cut the day before, putting two rows together. Hayin' at the ranch

The hay gets raked one more time and then baled up.


About the time haying is done, we’re all ready to head to orchard to pick cherries, or head to the beach and jump in the river.


Then, just like that, the sprinkler pipes are all moved back onto the fields and it’s back to irrigating until the second cutting.


Through all the hard work everyone is full of smiles, truly enjoying the time spent.


This is one of the things to pass down to the generations- a real, working Idaho backcountry ranch that brings friends and family together to work hard and play hard.


The generations come together here and people take the time to enjoy the present. This is as real as it gets.