An heirloom is generally defined as something of special value that is handed down to the next generation. Beyond personal property, a plant, or a seed, Heirloom Idaho is about the special things and a way of life that matters, and is worth passing on. The good life means living off the land, in harmony with the seasons, and making the most out of the abundance of what is thriving around us. It means loving it all, from spending the time alone in the berry patch, to floating down the river, or hunting on the mountain, to hiking down the trail, or going to the beach, and canning with friends and family. Whether you are the one out there picking fruit every day for a week and processing it all by yourself; or you are buying it at the farmers’ market to eat fresh or freeze, you are living the good life, the Heirloom Idaho Life.

Confluence of SF & Main
Idaho is an incredible place to live as one with the land, and to enjoy not only her fruits, but the mountains, the plants, the rivers, the wildlife- and also to revel in the lifestyle we lead while working hard and enjoying it all. Idaho’s seasons are ideal for cultivating a year round garden in diverse locations, climates and conditions; spring treasure hunting for antlers, morels, cherries and berries; summer’s pears and plums, apples and grapes, nectarines and peaches, running the rivers, hiking the high country trails; fall’s upland game season for grouse and chukar, fishing for steelhead, trout and bass, hunting for elk, deer, and bear; and winter’s wonderland of skiing, snowshoeing and enjoying the bounty preserved from the previous three seasons. It’s a fleeting moment, a fruitful week, a fulfilling year, and a life, full of adventure.

A beautiful Steelhead, a wonderful memory. Little Squaw Creek, Salmon River.

A beautiful Steelhead, a wonderful memory. Little Squaw Creek, Salmon River.

Living an Heirloom Idaho life means observing and loving the connections between our state’s many diverse, natural gifts. This is a journal of my life, about the things I do that I think are special and worth passing on to generations that will follow, including recipes, photos, tips on how to live fully with each season, putting away all the goodness collected, and how we still get out to play. I am a fifth generation Idahoan and I find that life in Idaho is like an extraordinary heirloom, something we need to treasure.

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  1. I LOVE it! This blog makes me feel a little closer to all of you. I can enjoy the wonders of both family and Idaho! Just “wonderfulness”.


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